Chrysler is pleased to introduce the soon-to-be-launched wiTECH system, setting the standard of excellence in vehicle service diagnostics! This state of the art system consists of:


wiTECH™ Access Gateway - The wiTECH™ Access Gateway is a diagnostic tool network that provides secure, reliable wireless communications capability and firewall protection, taking the burden of tool network setup out of the hands of the technician.


wiTECH™ VCI Pod - The wiTECH™ VCI Pod allows communication to the vehicle, similar to a StarMOBILE device, but at less that half the cost. Multiple wiTECH™ VCI Pods and StarMOBILE devices can be supported by a single wiTECH™ Access Gateway.


wiTECH™ Diagnostic Application - This all-new diagnostic application replaces the existing StarMOBILE Desktop Client Application and contains significant enhancements to improve technician efficiency. It's more intuitive, faster, and provides vehicle data and service information at the same time. It connects to both StarMOBILE devices and the new wiTECH™ VCI Pod.


Watch video introducing the wiTECH Diagnostic Application: [Quicktime] [Stream]

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