Each tutorial below explains how to perform a single procedure with wiTECH™, StarMOBILE™, or StarSCAN™;. (More tutorials will be added over time, so check back regularly.)

Animations and voiceovers explain each step. To hear the voiceovers, connect headphones or speakers to the TechCONNECT client as illustrated in the photograph to the right:

To get the most out of the tutorials, follow along with your scan tool. Using the controls you can pause the video or replay each step whenever you like.

To launch a tutorial, click a link below. It will open in a new browser window.

General Training Aids

1. Read and Clear DTCs
2. Create a Custom Display
3. View and Graph Data
4. Start an Actuator
5. Run OBD II Monitors
6. Set Customer Preferences
7. System Test
8. Miscellaneous Functions
9. View Event Data
10. View Freeze Frame Data

wiTECH Training Aids

StarMOBILE Training Aids

1. Initial Networking Setup
2. Getting to Know Your StarMOBILE
3. Wireless Networking Setup
4. Update Vehicle ECUs
5. Pass-Through Mode
6. Flight Recorder Mode
7. Software Installation and Update

StarSCAN Training Aids

1. Connecting Accessories
2. Update Tool
3. Setup Network
4. Vehicle Flash

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