Customer Data Recorder
The StarMOBILE supplements the Co-Pilot as a customer flight recorder for Controller Area Network vehicles. It has expanded event storage capacity and is able to simultaneously record data elements across multiple ECUs - including body modules. The StarMOBILE can operate automatically or when triggered by the customer to record intermittent problems.

Pass-Through Diagnostics
In this operation the StarMOBILE runs specialized software in conjunction with a PC to allow scan tool functionality, including data display and diagnostic and flash functions. Whereas in the past, the Co-Pilot would sit on the shelf when not in the customer vehicle, the StarMOBILE can be put to work freeing up the StarSCAN for the more extensive diagnostic tasks.

Future Planned Software Extensions

  • Stand alone reprogramming tool
  • Other special applications

Come back in the future for additional StarMOBILE announcements!

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